About Studio

How I came to design?

It took me from a marketing economist to a manager and founder of 3 businesses to come to design.

I encountered design in all of my projects, which became an integral part of my life and then grew into my studio.

SNB Web Design Studio is a project that has grown from experience in business, marketing, and a team of people who are passionate about what they do.

We value our word and your time, so we make a contract and deliver the project on time.

About the team

We understand what to use
in your case.

We use our experience in creating design solutions for businesses of different sizes. We implement in your business what gives results.

We master complex technologies.

We choose the tools according to the task. We develop functional sites of any complexity.

Passionate about what we do and constantly learning.

We implement modern solutions and study the latest trends, making sites we are proud of.

We create not just beautiful design, but a comprehensive solution that fulfills the task.

Our principles


We do only what leads to the task. We focus on the essentials, getting rid of the superfluous.


We take responsibility for our work and do it on time. Confident of the solutions we apply in our work.


Your site works like a Swiss watch. We check every bolt under a magnifying glass before we hand over the project. 

Tell us about your project

Starichenko Nikolai

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